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Hey, Cincinnati are you ready? Meet the artists!

Meet Paula White from Simply Crafted LLC Resin Art... 


I am a retired Education professor who has dabbled in arts and crafts for years. I’ve never had any formal training in the arts but have experimented with a variety of art forms over the years. I consider myself a self-taught artist who has finally found the medium that brings me joy; I love to design functional and decorative art with epoxy resin. 


I began experimenting with and creating resin art in 2018, but I only recently began selling my art. Prior to working with resin, I expressed my creativity by making candles and through drawing. The show in September will be my first time participating in an Avant-Garde Art & Craft show.

I use my many photos of the ocean as inspiration for my coastal resin art pieces. I also find inspiration in being from central Ohio; thus, many of my pieces are scarlet and gray. Also, the fluidness of resin is itself inspiring. Since resin is self-leveling, the motion makes for unique pieces, which keeps me inspired and passionate about working with resin.


I started crafting as a hobby because I needed a way to express my creativity and use the right side of my brain. I spent many years teaching math to middle schoolers and then teaching education students the art of teaching math. I was initially drawn to resin “beach art” due to my love of the ocean.  I discovered my talent rather accidentally. In general, I have a good sense of color and when working with resin, I get to mix my own colors. Plus, the fluidness of resin is a good mix for my current skills as an artist.

My creative process is one of visualization and then experimentation. I first visualize a piece, and then I set about creating my vision. It is thrilling when my vision and experimentation align. 


In five years, I hope to be selling my resin art in small shops that carry handcrafted items. I want my resin art to bring joy to people and their homes. I want my resin art to tell the story of who the customer is through the colors and designs they choose.

Meet Ainsley O'Brien from Hippie Hop Trippie...

Hi, my name is Ainsley! I am 19 years old, and I attend the University of Cincinnati. Currently, I am majoring in psychology and pursuing certificates in Deaf studies and disability studies. I love all forms of art and have always been a very creative person. I started making jewelry when I was about 12 years old. When I was 18, I opened my Etsy shop and started selling my jewelry. 

This is the first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show I will be participating in. In fact, this is my first art and craft show ever, and I am extremely excited! I love using crystals and incorporating natural elements in my work. The beauty of nature has always been a huge inspiration for me. 

My aunt and my grandma are the people who originally got me into art and crafting. Growing up, my aunt would always do fun art activities with my sisters and me. My grandma taught me how to sew at a very young age. After I was exposed to different forms of art, I continued exploring. Eventually, I began making jewelry, and I loved it. It took me several years, but I learned everything on my own. There was a lot of trial and error and using pictures as reference. Youtube became my best friend. Over the years, I was able to improve the look and the quality of the products I made. 

Making jewelry has become an amazing outlet for me, and I truly enjoy what I do. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my work!

Meet Gavin Otteson from Gavin Osseson Art...

I’m an independent artist in rural Ohio. I describe my paintings as stylistic fantasies. The themes of my work are typically in the realms of science fiction, medieval castles, and landscapes which I paint through a mid-century lens. I currently work in both traditional and digital media, and everything I create is painted by hand. I have been creating art since I could pick up a pencil, but I have been selling my art to the world for only about 10 years. Though I’ve had an online presence for that entire time, I just started doing vendor events in 2023. This will be my first Avant-Garde show!

I am most inspired by mid-20th-century science fiction, animated movies, illustration, architecture, and music. I try to imbue my art with a sense of nostalgia or cool, retro vibes whenever possible while attempting to also be true to my own style journey. I have been creating in one form or another my entire life.

I discovered my love of art at an extremely early age. It is something I’ve always been driven to do, and as I have continued to create, my talent has grown. I still have a lot to learn about painting, and I look forward to honing my skills for the rest of my life.

My creative process involves a considerable amount of mental percolation and scribbling out ideas in an ever-present sketchbook. Once I have a clear concept for a piece, I usually work solely on that painting until it is complete. My works are smaller in scale but filled with fine details.

In 5 years, I hope to create art and travel the country with my wife, participating in art festivals full-time. Two years ago, we decided to downsize to a Tiny Home On Wheels to pursue this dream. We are getting closer to it all the time!

My desire is that my art brings the viewer a sense of joy and, hopefully, awe. Additionally, I hope my paintings only express positivity, hopefulness, kindness, and love. The paintings I create are an escape for me into a universe that is beautiful and inspiring.

Meet Barbie Hahn from That Dam Jam..

I am Barbie Hahn, the founder and Chief Sunshine Officer for That Dam Jam! We are a woman-owned producer of Ohio Proud Pepper Jams ranging from sweet to hot! I started this business in February of 2021 as a cottage produced jam from my home kitchen!

I have always curated recipes in my home kitchen and I take pride in being the ''suburban chef'' on FOX19 and Cincy Lifestyle - you've probably seen my segments! However, it was during the pandemic that I curated and sent out my flagship flavor "Pineapple Habañero Jam" to friends and family with overwhelming demand for more after trying it! This is how my business began, a true silver lining to the pandemic!  

I started my process by crafting our Pineapple Habañero Jam years ago in my home kitchen after trying a sweet & spicy jam at a roadside market while on vacation with my husband Mike! Once my jam hit the market, I took feedback from my best customers and developed flavors to meet other spice level preferences! Thus leaving us with the 4 flavors of Pineapple Pepper Jams we offer today! Each with a different spice level to appeal to everyone! 

In five years I aspire to be a well-known and loved brand in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. As an Ohio Proud producer, our core focus is providing food made locally to our home state first and foremost. We will expand to neighboring states from there! 

It's not a party without That Dam Jam! 

Meet Ashley Donahue from Ashley Nicole Draws...
My name is Ashley Donahue and I have been a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator for nearly 10 years. This is my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show, and I'm so excited to be showing here! 
For a bit of background about myself, I have always felt the need to create - as a child, this took the form of endless doodles and construction paper pieces all over the house. As an adult, this has translated into canvas acrylic paintings, stickers, and other fun products. 
To date, I love all things bright, nature themed and whimsical - this quite literally translates into most of my pieces. I always aim to keep my artistic process fun and fairly loose, coming up with a general idea then letting my imagination run wild. My ultimate goal is to simply create! 

 You can check out my work on my website or Instagram @ashleynicole_draws.

Meet Sandy Federman Weethee from Nanny's Creations...
My name is Sandy Federman Weethee. I am a retired high school art teacher. I enjoyed motivating, teaching, and inspiring young artists for 35 years. I always enjoyed creating in my spare time, however being retired gives my freedom to create whenever I want. I have worked in all mediums. My favorites are clay, painting, textiles, glass and my current passion is alcohol base inks.  
The longer I work in inks the more I push the limits and discover even more possibilities. My inspiration has always been color and light. I love how colors react and change. The presence of light adds an entirely new dimension. My work is blends of light and color and the subject matter is non objective. I recently began creating realistic images.

I became inspired to sell my work when I realized my studio was full. I enjoy talking to people and answering questions about my creations. Art shows are fun to participate in. It is rewarding to feel that people appreciate what I do.
I cannot imagine my life without art in it. I see so much beauty through color and light and that motivates me to create. When I am creating I am in “that” space and everything else comes to a stop. Art is my love and passion.  

2023 Cincinnati Fall Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, November 19, 2023 - 10:00am-4:00pm
RSVP Event Center
453 Wards Corner Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140
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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Springing Into Cincinnati!

Meet Alexandra Zeller from Alyphira Crochet...

I started crocheting around July of 2022, and haven't put it down since. I am 26 years old and a proud native Cincinnatian. I'm very excited about being able to attend my first Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show!

At first, I just created my items for my own personal use. However, after sharing a few of my projects with others, I found that I loved making plushies, blankets, and clothing for others. Their happiness was infectious, and I found that it spurred me to create even more. It was the beginning of 2022 when I found myself in the throes of figuring out what was causing my chronic illness. I spent numerous days in doctors' offices, and found myself a few times in the hospital. During those times, I needed something other than the "Game Show Network" to do, and thus, picked up Crochet. It was portable and could follow me everywhere. It became a comfort for me and grew from a simple hobby into what it is today. Although I was terrible at first, with time and effort I've found a style and craft I've grown fond of!
I crochet only things that I find myself passionate about. When I get an idea for a pattern, I generally start with mood boards - then decide if I want to go for realism or cartoon features. From there, it's all about shaping, counting, frogging, and repeating until I find a pattern I'm happy with!
I've found that by doing what makes me happy, I can help bring that happiness to others! Within the next five years, I hope to adapt my style of work more, and also develop new and unique patterns as well as plushies.
I hope that through my work, people are able to connect with their inner child and find inspiration to create what makes you happy!

Meet Lee Baker DeVore from The Elfin Peddler...
received a BFA in painting from Miami University of OH., and then worked for 35 years in my family's landscaping business where I took care of the nursery, office and I worked with designing. I retired to Oxford, OH., where I have become involved in the local arts community, exhibiting regularly there, and continue to be a lifelong student of nature, wonder, and artistic expression in a wide variety of mediums— I do everything from painting to fairy houses! I began to participate in local craft shows in 2018, focusing mainly on elf and fairy houses, depending on the given space. Sometimes I include my paintings as well!
I’ve always created; drawing, painting, constructing, writing, imagination spilling out into creations. My mother encouraged me from early on, and was playfully creative and artistic herself. I'm lucky that in my life even while working I've been able to maintain space for creativity. Now that I'm retired, I am surrounded by a creative space!

When it comes to my elf and fairy houses, I have been creating them off and on for both indoor and outdoor use since 2003, developing the smaller ornament stock in 2015 forward. Really, though, this art started in my childhood, when I was playing in the woods and hedges, making fairy homes. My passion was later revived as an adult on one family vacation around 2001 at Lake Huron, where I spent the week building an elf house of stone, bark, and woven twig on the edge of the rocky beach under a tree. According to the cabin owner, the house still exists today!

I gather my inspiration by taking time to deeply connect with nature. My proclivity for collecting sticks, stones, shells, and other cool natural materials spurs my imagination on what I can create with them, and these natural objects not only get used in the fairy houses, but they manage to find their way into my paintings and collages!

These fairy houses are a natural outgrowth of my habit of arranging natural objects into habitats and dwellings, both inside and in the landscape. When other people expressed interest and delight, I decided to try developing this skill/play into saleable creations. 
To gather inspiration while creating the large fairy houses, I like to imagine how a fairy might use them to create a home before I begin. To get started, I will assemble possible items on a table and shuffle them around, and then sketch out possibilities. After that comes the engineering phase of working out supports and joints, roof and rafters and floors and lofts and such. This is important especially for hinged door frame construction and placement. Some are mostly planned out with construction drawings ahead of time. Others grow more organically, particularly with stone construction, with design breaks along the way.  With the smaller ornament sizes the process is more task oriented of cutting and construction first, then the decorative flourishes involve a more intuitive, creative process. I surround myself with the potential materials at any given point, as having wide choices is key to personalization.
I plan on keeping my business local, within a 25 mile radius or less. I am retired, and have predetermined just how hard I want to work. Currently, I have no intention of greatly increasing fair and exhibit participation, or of commercializing my work, but rather of doing enough to satisfy my desire to stay active and creative. 

The message within all my work is that people need to take the time to see, not just look, and to enjoy, not just work. Live attentively, gratefully, thoughtfully, playfully. Be sure to follow the light in your life!

Meet Fran Kellington from Fran Kellington Designs...
Making jewelry holds a special place in my heart. It is the activity that my sisters an I have loved doing together our whole lives. It started in our childhood and still continues to this day!

My jewelry designs are eclectic, inspired by nature and combine harmony, class and sometimes whimsy.
My background is a Bachelor of Science in Fashion design. Then, about 25 years ago, I switched over to Interior Design. I’m an independent designer, working purely in residential projects. My business has only grown with the word of mouth.

I have been creating things since I was a child. It still is a major part of me, and I love keeping as many of my creations as I can, but I can only keep so many things! So I decided to start selling my jewelry creations by request of family and friends. And that was the beginning of my participating in Art & Craft shows.

Meet Tessa Woody from Tessa Woody Art and Design...
I am a graduate of Northern Kentucky University, with a Bachelor's of Art in Visual Communication Design and a minor in Creative Writing. I recently accepted a job at PL Marketing as a Web Content Editor.

I would say that my most notable accomplishments include graduating Magna Cum Laude, volunteering as Senior Art editor for Loch Norse Magazine, directing my small-town indie bookstore's online presence for 2 years— after working my way up from the basement to co-managing within 5 years— receiving publications for both my artistic and written work, receiving the Outstanding Minor Award from NKU's English Department, and continuing to be 100% who I am.
I opened Tessa Woody Art and Design in September of 2021 to pursue my passion of small business and art. My dream is to grow my small business by doing the things I love: art and small business. This is going to be my first time participating in an Avant-Garde Craft Show, and I am super excited to meet and connect with like-minded artists and art lovers!
My work is inspired by my spiritual adventures. I love to expresses my witchy aesthetic through my art work. I am also inspired by the things I love, such as gemstones, vibrant colors, and social issues that I'm passionate about!
I discovered the crafty side of my fine art talents in order to best fit my customer needs and my own curiosity as I explore new mediums that I have never worked with before. I blend my fine art and design skills with these new craft techniques.

My creative process is always evolving. The more I try new things, the more I fail and learn! Projects start as a vision in my head, move to sketches on my tablet, and eventually come to life in physical form, whether it’s a painting or earrings!
In the next five years, I plan on having a broader community network and more new items to grow my portfolio!
The message behind my business is to be 100% authentically yourself and to be in-tune to the higher self. Your path is different from others for a reason, so you shouldn't let the looming rules of how a 'normal life' is supposed to look like take over what your soul yearns for!

2023 Cincinnati Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, March 19, 2020 - 10:00am-4:00pm
RSVP Event Center
453 Wards Corner Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein at
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Meet Your Makers!

Meet Kristina Almendinger from Kristina's Flower Petal Art …
I’m in my second year of crafting. I participated in the 2022 Cincinnati Fall Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show at RSVP Center, Loveland.  
Nature inspires me to create. I use natural ingredients, giving flowers eternal glory and the Holy Spirit has guided me to have new ideas and led me to be able to have the materials, time, and inspiration.
I got into my craft hobby from trying different mediums over the years. This one just speaks to my heart. It all started with a fallen petal that looked like a scale to me, so I was inspired by a scuba diving friend to try and create a mermaid. Then the mermaid “scales” looked like wings so I created a hummingbird. The hummingbird "wings" expanded to fairy wings. The fairy "clothes" became ballerina "tutus" and I've been experimenting ever since. Once my eyes were opened to this unique form of mixed media, I see things in flowers, petals, weeds, herbs, and other natural things. I've also started experimenting using paper flowers.

Meet Chelsey Groves from That Dam Jam …
We are a small, woman owned pepper jam company based out of Milford, OH! We create small batch pineapple pepper jams using Ohio grown peppers! Our real mission is to spread smiles and positive energy, we just use our jam as a vehicle to do so!

Our business was born in early 2020 during the pandemic! This will be our first time participating in the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show! We are honored to be here!

How we got into our craft hobby… Barbie, our owner, has been making homemade pepper jams for over a decade and sending them to friends/family for free - it wasn't until the pandemic that she started making a whole lot more jam for people who would no longer accept it for free - and thus - a business was born!
How did we discover our talent… Barbie has always been a natural in the kitchen, but after eating an entire jar in one sitting of a unique spicy fruit jam on a vacation years ago, she sought after re-creating the same flavor experience in her own kitchen because she just couldn't forget about that perfect sweet & spicy balance! This is when Pineapple Habanero, our flagship flavor was born!

Well, now you know the story on how our first flavor Pineapple Habanero was developed, from there we started getting requests from customers who wanted something "less spicy" and also "a little spicier" -- and using that feedback we created Pineapple Yellow Pepper, Pineapple Jalapeño, and Pineapple Ghost Pepper!

In five years, our goal is to become an Ohio staple -- if you live in Ohio, you know about That Dam Jam and you purchase it on the regular for gifting, snacking, and cooking with! We are an Ohio Proud brand, and we look to spread our product throughout retailers who place a priority on supporting Ohio Proud brands!

The message behind our work is that it’s not a party without That Dam Jam!

Meet Mandy Carroll from Nocturne Tarot…
I am a lifelong practicing Witch and Professional Tarot Reader. I offer intuitive Tarot Readings along with personalized Intention Bags for manifestation, and supplies for individual Craft needs.

I have been reading Tarot for over 20 years and I picked up my first deck when I was 11!! This is my first time participating in an Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show.
I am inspired by the connections I make with others and in the natural world. I believe there is Magick all around us!

How I got into my craft… My family is Appalachian, and I grew up with natural craftsmen who taught me the value of study and handcrafted work.
My creative process is a constant calling, and I find inspiration everywhere.
In five years I hope to continue as I am now, perhaps sharing the space with my children as they become young adults.
The message behind my work… Truth. Intuition. Connection

Meet Erin Camp from Hunny Monkey Art House…
Artist/traveler/weirdo would be the cliff note version of myself. I grew up in Cincinnati, moved to Newport about 14 yrs ago when I put my artistic handywoman skills to the test on my now 133 yr old Victorian style fixer I purchased. I'm drawn to the art world, love traveling & animals, bit of a foodie, & enjoy talking to strangers to find out what makes them tick!
All my life, art- the process of creating, the before & after shot- have always been an integral part of myself. In high school, I graduated with an extra 23 credits due to all the art classes & independent studies I let consume me. Photography & oil painting were a big focus growing up, handmade gifts and home renovations a regular pastime activity. Right before Covid hit, I stumbled upon a fluid artist ( who's artistic style really ignited a fire inside of me to learn more. I found fluid art to be so wild & freeing, even if one were to follow the same recipe & basic technique, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. The cells literally grow before your eyes & the sky's the limit to where your creativity can take you!  I have jumped down this amazing fluid art world rabbit hole, grabbing inspiration & tips from so many talented souls, excited to try new things & see where I'll end up!

What inspires me… Color schemes you can find in nature from a sunset, the pattern on a lizard, the color of a building - almost anything can make me want to jump into my studio to give whatever color combo a try. Watching someone use a new technique/pour style on youtube, wanting to test the boundaries of just how large I could possibly go with this style for the biggest impact. Having passion for something that gets you out of bed to create, just feels like playing & exploration, never a job you have to do.
After being told for many years that I should sell my work, I finally started up an Etsy page & let all my free time from my conventional job be consumed by my passion for making art. Making art & working for myself will hopefully be my full time main gig here within the next couple of years.

How did I discover my talent…I feel like things that you are naturally drawn to are how your true path in life is exposed. It's listening to your gut, following your passions to make yourself as happy as possible in life. That focus & genuine interest can evolve into what people consider talent.

My creative process…Something inside of me gets excited to test drive a new style of fluid art, or I'll order an amazing color shifting new pigment I can't wait to mix, or a friend will commission me to bring something to life for them - all start the wheels turning!

In five years, fingers crossed, I will be able to quit the regular job & have my Hunny Monkey Art House business as my full time focus, always expanding & profitable enough to avoid the "starving artist" cliché lol.

The message behind my work…Art is a universal uniter. It doesn't matter what language you speak, what color you are, the personal beliefs you have, everyone can find joy in the art world - music & visually. I hope my art can bring happiness & inspiration to others, and with a wide range of prices I'd hope everyone can find an awesome piece that speaks to them!

Meet Bob Desgrange from Robert Et. Desgrange Sales...

I first fell in love with woodturning when I was a teenager in high school in northern Ohio because of my shop teacher. It wasn't until I retired that I was able to put in more time to my favorite hobby. Since retirement three years ago, I've been able to explore different types of woodturning techniques with various types of wood.

I'm inspired to create from the way that each piece of wood is different; Mother Nature gives each piece a special design that I get to uncover through woodturning. Though I have been a vendor at other craft shows, I'm very excited to be partaking for the first time in an Avant-Garde Show!

Meet Robert Hartman From Backyard Shop...

I started my business sort of on accident. I have always loved to tinker, and people in my life took a strong liking to what I was making. As the people in my life shared where they had gotten my pieces, my business just started growing from nothing.

Eventually, I realized that I needed a name, and since my shop was in my back yard it just seemed fitting to name it for where I got started. I am constantly surprised at just how large my business has grown. 

Today, I make mostly custom cutting boards, charcuterie boards, flags, and other wall hanging decorations. On top of that, I like making custom items for people.

2023 Cincinnati Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show
Sunday, March 19, 2020 - 10:00am-4:00pm
RSVP Event Center
453 Wards Corner Rd.
Loveland, OH 45140
For more information, contact Becki Silverstein at
Visit us on:

Hey, Cincinnati are you ready? Meet the artists!

Meet Paula White fr om  Simply Crafted LLC Resin Art.. .     I am a retired Education professor who has dabbled in arts and crafts for years...